Songs Never Sung

Jesse Harris

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Jesse's new album "Songs Never Sung" will be released on November 14. 2019.

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1. Doesn't Matter Anyway
2. Untouchable
3. I've Got To See You Again
4. Old Town
5. People Tell Me
6. Without You

7. Bending Over Backwards
8. It's Not Too Late To Turn Back
9. Song Never Sung
10. Misunderstanding
11. It Must Be Nice
12. You'll Forget Me

All songs by Jesse Harris 2019 (Beanly Songs (BMI)/Sony/ATV Tunes LLC)
Except "You'll Forget Me" by Sasha Dobson (Elise Music (BMI))

Horn arrangements by CJ Camerieri

Jesse Harris - vocals, acoustic guitar, acoustic 12 string guitar
CJ Camerieri - trumpet, flugelhorn, french horn
Bill Frisell - electric guitar, acoustic 12 string guitar
Kenny Wollesen - drums, percussion, marimba
Tony Scherr - upright and electric bass, electric guitar
Michael Boschen - trombone
Hideaki Aomori -clarinet, bass clarinet

Produced by Jesse Harris
Recorded in 2019 by Ryan Kelly, James Yost and Ed McEntee at Secret Sun West
Mixed by Ryan Kelly at Secret Sun East
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen

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