Murder of Tides

Will Johnson

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We're pleased to announced the reissue of Will Johnson's 2002 debut solo album "Murder of Tides" on vinyl for the first time.

The audio has been remastered for vinyl by TW Walsh and the artwork has been reformatted from the original hi-resoulution elements for the new album jacket. New full-color LP labels were created for this reissue.

Our goal was to create the best sounding album possible. The running time of the album is short enough to comfortably fit on two sides of a single LP while maintaining the highest possible sound quality.

You’ll get an email with a link to download Hi-res WAVs and MP3s of the album after your purchase is complete and your vinyl will be shipped right away!

You can also buy just the digital download of the album in WAV or MP3 formats and get a download link immediately after purchase.

1. Murder Of Tides (Westerlies)
2. Commonly Linked
3. The Riot Jack
4. Phico Manitoba
5. Karcher's Contacts

6. Re-Run Pills
7. River Koltolwash
8. In A Motionless Way
9. Tent Of Total Mystery
10. The Yellow Signals

+ Single album jacket printed on high quality uncoated board. 
+ 150g high-quality virgin black vinyl. 
+ Comes with a download card to get the full album.
+ Re-mastered for vinyl by TW Walsh.
+ Vinyl pressed by Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland OH.

+ MP3: 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz / 83 mb download 
+ WAV: 1411 kbps / 44.1 kHz / 347 mb download

You'll get a download link on the confirmation page after check out. The downloaded zip files contains a folder with the entire album and a jpeg of the cover art. You'll also get an email with the download link to access your downloads. These zip files can be unzipped and transferred to iTunes from your computer desktop. If you're downloading to a phone or iOS device (iPhone, iPad), you must have an app to unzip the file before you can transfer these to your music app. It's probably easier to download to a computer first then transfer to your phone or device. You'll have 3 tries to download the album.

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* Please don't share your download link or put the files on torrent sites, youtube other file-sharing websites. We're trying to do something direct, easy and affordable for fans that also supports the artists and musicians. We'd like to continue delivering stuff this way. We can't stop you from torrenting or sharing. All we can do is politely ask that you enjoy the music and let others buy it the same way you did. Thank you!

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