Funny Morning

Yuuki Matthews

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1. Funny Morning (3:36) 
2. Generations (12:18)

1. Funny Morning (Richard Swift Remix) (4:12) 
2. Chrysanthemum (Slow) (19:37)

There's a good chance you've heard Yuuki Matthews even if his name doesn't come up every night at the family dinner table just yet. Currently a member of The Shins, Yuuki has really been around. From his work as a member of Seldom and Crystal Skulls to his contributions both on the record and on the road for crooners like Sufjan Stevens and David Bazan, he's constantly busy making things sound good.

Clocking in at 39:45, this 12" showcases the Matthews composition "Funny Morning", a remix of the song by the legendary Richard Swift, as well as two instrumental pieces, "Generations" and "Chrysanthemum (Slow)". While the music recalls the beauty of classic pieces like Eno's "Discreet Music" or Ashra's "Ocean of Tenderness", it is thoroughly modern. It's the sound of today, daddy!

Let these beautiful sounds soothe your body until you feel like you're floating down the indoor lazy river of life and loving every minute of it.

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