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Insect Courage comes from that twilight peripheral; somewhere on the edge of lucidity and the dream realm. Weaving together the haunting familiarity of night noises and borrowed words with uncharted frontiers, Insect Courage is a study of attics, crawl spaces,  of trails through woods an hour past dusk. 

There is no superfluous record in Rutili's catalog, every release is intentional. The six tracks on this record carry Tim's guitars into an ethereal realm,  something on the rural outskirts of the material from Stitches. Still visible, worlds away. Songs distinct, rusty strings - Peter Gabriel; Tim Hurley's beautiful words overgrown with ivy. 

1. tripped on your cape
2. burn the sheets.bleach the books
3. insect courage #14
4. mother of violence
5. easter82
6. insect courage #33

tripped on your cape. this is a cover of a sin ropas song from their first record 3 cherries. i absolutely love this song. it’s been stuck to my brain since i first heard it all those years ago. this song reminds me of game of thrones but microscopic. this was recorded at home with Griffin Rodreguez, Joe Westerlund on percussion and mixed by Michael Krassner.

burn the sheets.bleach the books. this is a section cut from an hour long abstract improvised piece recorded with Joe Westerlund and 2 mics in my living room. almost immediately a melody and words came. again, small against the sky. night time, squinting down from up here makes the city look like embers. we wish on every passing light in the sky.

insect courage #14. the red electric guitar that’s not plugged in recorded with the telephone outside on my back porch. the bugs are exaggerated and the piano notes are an overdub.

mother of violence. this is a peter gabriel song. I first heard it when i was in was a kid hanging out in loftus’ room smoking weed. i got an education in how to hear music in that room. this song scared the daylights out of me and also struck me as beautiful and true. too high, getting hit in the belly by a song and trying not to cry in front of people. layers and layers of top with no safe bottom in sight. this one floats by. added recordings of my neighborhood’s fourth of july celebration to the end to mix with Joe Westerlund’s beautiful fragmented percussion work.

easter 82. bug song. spring-feverish. migration song. panic when the seasons change. started with layers of melodica amped and treated through guitar effects. recorded partly at home and partly in phoenix with Michael Krassner. instinct vs reason.stupidity as a survival mechanism. wanting what you have and loving who loves you. fear. bug dreams. how we get along and stay together.i dont know.

 insect courage #33. another section of that long improvised piece that became burn the sheets. me & Joe Westerlund in the living room. i can hear the sliding glass doors. Michael Krassner added a layer of beautiful guitar playing and mixed this in phoenix.

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